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CEPEC Construction

Main Activities


  • Provides Electro-Mechanical Engineering Services,civil work, Full Construction & Commissioning, Project Management, Technical Support & Expertise for Power Generation & Distribution, Water, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Facilities on Turnkey basis.
  • Provides Specific Engineering Services, Expertise and Advanced Repair Techniques for complex electromechanical projects & works.
  • Provides Long-Term Maintenance Services & Contracts for Power Generation plants, Substations and industrial facilities ( Manpower, Spare-parts procurement, Technical Assistance, … etc ).
  • Provides Highly qualified Technical teams for Electro-mechanical projects’ construction management & commissioning.
  • Provides Logistics support for its foreign partners’ organizations & projects.
  • provides hydraulic torque wrenches, heat treatment ( PWHT) activites, NDT activites, inspection activites, sandblasting, painting activites and flushing activites.