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CEPEC Construction

ORASCOM Construction (SIEMENS ORASCOM consortium)

Location              : Elburullus .

Project                 : Elburullus Power Station 4800MW

Scope                    : Complete of steel structure and roof and wall cladding works for Steam Turbine Generator  building       

                                           STG 2 , STG 4 and CTG1.

                                         - Fabrication and erection steel structure and platform for turbine building

                                           (STG2, STG4 &CTG 1) 5000 tons

                                                    -Fire figthing activities, install, connection and test piping, valves according code    

·   and specfication Supply , install , connecting and test of seamless black steel as per ASTM. A53 Schedule 40 for fire protection piping system complete including pipes, fittings , supports , hangers , inserts and all couplings and valves, sprinkler and fire pumps  all as specified .

·   Infrastructur  activities includes(HDPE,GRP and carbon steel piping)

·   Pipeline for Gas from gas station to gas turbine (40 km)

·   Road construction bewteen the building





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