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CEPEC Construction


Location: New Capital City
Project: New Capital Combined Cycle Power Station 4800MW
Scope: Erection HRSG and  BOP piping(mechanical and electreical scope)
Erection of all secondary steel structure of HRSG32 (163 ton)
Erection of Inlet duct and casing of HRSG32
Welding and Erection of the outlet duct and stack of HRSG32
Erection of Blowdown tank, HP steam separator, IP steam drum & LP steam drum of HRSG32
Erection & welding of the Boiler External Piping ( CS, SS, P11, P22, P91 & P92) of HRSG32
Fabrication, erection & welding of all piping support related to Boiler External Piping of HRSG32
All electrical activities as lighting, cable tray , cable pulling and instumentation
Electrical scope for infra and building Cable tray support and cable tray erection
Panels and transformers erection
Cable pulling and termination Lighting system and lighting poles high masts
Fire figthing system install, connection and test piping, valves according code
 Pipeline for Gas from gas station to gas turbine with pipe daimater 32 inche (30 km)

CEPEC Construction

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